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Much Love Valentine's Day Cards

Everyone could use a little love in their mailbox right about now! The Much Love Valentine Card Collection is perfect for clients who want to send a little something special to their loved ones. The set is on sale for only $15 through tomorrow! Click HERE to see the collection in the store!


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Modern Simplicity Collection

Every year I like to create a card set specifically for my photographer friends who, like me, worry about filling client orders before thinking of our own personal cards! I knew I wanted this year's collection to b3e clean & simple with impactful greetings that felt fitting for 2020. So without further ado...announcing the Modern Simplicity Card Collection! Available for only $15 through tomorrow!


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2020 Holiday Card Collection

Snow is falling today here in Wisconsin so Christmas is in the air! So today feels like the perfect day to announce the launch of the 2020 Holiday Card Collection! My team and I spent a great deal of time creating cards with greetings relevant for this season we're currently living through. I hope you and your clients enjoy the designs and that they help spread a little love this holiday season. 

You can see each collection in the store by clicking on any of the images below!

First up is the With Love Collection:

With Love Christmas Card Templates by Jamie Schultz Designs


Next up is the So Merry Collection:

So Merry Holiday Card Templates by Jamie Schultz Designs



Next we have the Cozy Christmas Collection:

Cozy Christmas Templates by Jamie Schultz Designs


Next we have the Simply Blessed Collection:

Simply Blessed Christmas Card Templates by Jamie Schultz Designs


We have more cards in the works so be sure to stay tuned!

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Merry All The Way

Holiday card season is in full swing and I'm LOVING seeing the card selections from my portrait clients! One of the most popular sets for me so far in 2019 is the Merry All The Way Collection. It's so versatile and works with a variety of photos! Click HERE to see the entire card set. 

Merry All The Way Christmas Card Templates by Jamie Schultz Designs

Christmas Card Templates by Jamie Schultz Designs

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2019 Holiday Cards

Snow is in the forecast here in Wisconsin and it has me thinking of all things Christmas! What better time to introduce the brand new 2019 Holiday Card Collection! I'm excited about the range of designs in this years' offerings. Whether your client is looking for something modern, whimsical, festive, or minimalist...we've created a little something for everyone this season! It's so encouraging to hear all the positive feedback you all have shared since we launched the first set. I'm so happy to know there are still so many photographers offering a true custom portrait experience for their clients! 

Here are a few of the top-selling collections so far.  Click on any of the images below to see the entire collection in the store!








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