Senior Guys...

I'm so excited to announce the launch of some new senior guy products here at Jamie Schultz Designs. This year I've had a wave of senior boys come through the studio so I've been hard at work designing pieces specifically suited for them. The photo above is part of an order I just delivered to a client. It includes (starting from the bottom left and moving to the right) the 4x8 Urban Elements Accordion Book, The Urban Elements CD Case and Label, 5x7 prints, wallets, a 2.5 x 3.5 wallet accordion book from the new Senior Snapshots Wallet Accordion Book Collection. Imagine my delight when Mitchell's mom received her order and her eyes immediately filled with tears. She was overjoyed with her selections and said she would "treasure these for eternity". It's moments like that when I fall in love with my job all over again!

Here's a closer peek at the products from the order:

The 4x8 Urban Elements Accordion Book



The Urban Elements CD Case and Label:



A book from the Senior Snapshot Wallet Accordion Collection:




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