Client Gifts

The other day I launched the Luxe Session Information Guide and in it I include verbiage explaining to parents that I would like to surprise their child with a gift at the end of the session.  I thought I'd take a moment today and share one of my favorite things to gift my littlest clients.  It's a book called My Mom Snaps co-authored by my dear friend Darcy Kealy.  The book is a perfect fit for me because often times I start off sessions with little ones involved by asking if their parents ever take pictures of them.  After a few minutes the kids and I are naming off all the times their parents like to take pictures.  The list usually includes birthday parties, when they're sledding, at a parade, on the fourth of July, etc... It's an easy way to engage young kids in a conversation and it's a natural tie-in to the portrait session.  I've found that even the most shy clients tend to open up and feel relaxed when they realize that all we're doing is taking some special pictures. Anyone who knows me knows that children's literature is something I am truly passionate about so I couldn't think of a gift I'd rather give to my youngest clients.  Furthermore, I find that parents are grateful to have a new story to share with their kids and it serves as a reminder of their experience with Jamie Schultz Photography.