Presentation Boxes...

Oct. 9, 2010By: Jamie Schultz

People often ask how I present my card selections to my clients. I've tried various methods over the years, but I finally stumbled upon something that works really well for me. I printed three 5x7 presentation boxes (the boxes shown here are MpixPRO's 5x7x200 image boxes). One box is used for holiday cards, another for high school graduation announcements, and another for birth announcements. When I am preparing for a session I include whichever box best suited for my client in my bag. At some point during the session I have my clients look through the card options and make their selection. My clients love being proactive and feeling like at least one decision has been made before they even see the images from their session. When I send my clients a link to their session images I include a proof of their card selection which has proven to be a very efficient way to get the finished product in my client's hands...something that is always much appreciated.



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