Highlight Banner Templates


With more and more photographers relying on Facebook for marketing (myself included), it only makes sense to utilize the real estate now available on business pages. Simply insert a few of your favorite photos from the session into one of the Highlight Banner templates and use it as a cover photo for your Facebook album. Once you've uploaded the album click choose to highlight the post on your wall and viola! You now have an eye-catching post that is sure to grab the attention of current and potential clients alike. The templates also work well to showcase "sneak peeks" on your blog or as an intro banner to the blog post featuring your client's session photos. Preview how I used it on my own photography blogHERE.

Highlight Banner Templates:

- Five layered .psd files sized to fit the "Highlight" area on your Facebook fan page. The templates are also sized to fit on most blogs.

- Font list with links

- Instructions for use with Adobe Photoshop



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