Critterkins Valentines Set

These cute little critters are ready to deliver Valentine's greetings! This collection of googly eyed critterkins will be sure to delight your clients and the little ones will enjoy passing these out to his or her friends!


  • Five .psd files sized at 5.25 x 7.25 (can be printed as standard 5x7 and 4.5x5 cards as well as a scalloped 5x7 Luxe card through Miller's or MpixPRO)
  • Detailed instructions for use with Adobe Photoshop
  • ProSelect versions available upon request

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the custom nature of the artwork included in this set many elements are flattened into the background and cannot be changed/altered (including some text).  The font used for the client's name CAN be changed and a font list is provided.